mandag 6. februar 2012

New Addition: Cala and Jade

This season, Holzweiler Agenturer is proud to add Cala & Jade to the list of amazing brands in the agency.
Designers Nina Amble Sandaas and Tina C. Skaar met while studying together at ESMOND here in Oslo, and joined forces to realize their mutual childhood dream of starting their own line.

It was their "fascination for all things leather" mixed with their "obsession to develop new material technique" that eventually became an essential part of their philosophy and lead to the creation of Cala & Jade. 

 The Gumma is an example of one of their innovative creations. A leather frame with interchangeable bags to match your moods, or the season.

Cala & Jade are also nominated for this years Nåløyet Award in the accessories category. Follow us to see pics of the event as well as the announcement of the winners.
Lyyke til!