onsdag 31. oktober 2012

The trend of ochre

Today we will talk about the strong ochre color that is very present this fall. 

Ochre means golden-yellow and is an earth pigment hue. its among the earliest pigments used by mankind, derived from naturally tinted clay containing mineral oxides. You have different tones and the two most common names are: red ochre and golden ochre.

For the women:

For the men:

The history behind the color OCHRE

When the ochre mineral was found in England, it became very important prat of the fishing industry. The purpose was to protect the canvas from seaweater, not picturesque.

One of the French Revolution’s most controversial figures – Marie Antoinette is the subject of much speculation and controversy to this day – 220 years after her death. Here at Holzweiler we are intrigued by this mysterious figure whom some blame for the fall of the House of Bourbon and others label as a mere victim of her times. Despite all of the drama and intrigue surrounding her name, there is no doubt Marie Antoinette was a style and fashion leader and her creativity was years ahead of her contemporaries.

Ochre was a popular coloring in France during the time of the French Empire, and many French citizens living in foreign colonies would import a great deal of ochre clay from France to make their new lands feel like home. As a result, after the period of French colonization ended, ochre became associated with repression and fell out of favor. With the advent of synthetic dyes, ochre mining nearly stopped altogether. Recently, however, natural ochre paint has seen something of a comeback as an upscale house paint option, and this season also in fashion!