onsdag 18. april 2012

Citroën Design 5 Fashion Show

Last night some of us gathered at Posthallen to celebrate the launch of Citroën DS5 and view the looks 5 chosen designers came up with as their versions of "the perfect driving outfit".

Jason & Line of L&J

A very colorful front row!

L&J's Women's Look

L&J's Men's Look

Hilje Hamre Women's Look

Hilje Hamre Men's Look
Mardou & Dean Women's Look

T. Michael Men's Look

The Designers walking the runway with their models...


Hilje Hamre

Mardou & Dean


...Host Camilla Pihl handing over the mic for the winner to be announced. And the winner is....

T- Michael!

It was an amazing evening filled with such talented designers.
Congrats to all who participated.