torsdag 19. april 2012

Tons of love from Costume Magazine May Issue

I have a very specific way of reading magazines. 
I don't know where it started, but I have some bizarre steps i go through...

First, whenever I get a new magazine, I HAVE to be the first one to open it! There is just something about a brand new magazine...I can't explain it. Simple pleasure I suppose.

Next, I go through the entire magazine, and "dog-ear" or bookmark each page I want to look at more in depth. Once I have gone through cover to cover, then I go back through to all of my bookmarks and really read through them.

However, at work when I go through magazines, I always bookmark pages that our brands are on, and then go back through and look at them more in depth when I scan them all.....

Today, when going through Costume, I realized I had quite a few bookmarks! 
I love when that happens! 

Line & Jo Earrings

Line & Jo Earrings

Line & Jo Ring

Line & Jo Ring

Gestuz Dress

Rutzou Dress