tirsdag 23. oktober 2012

Colors and trends this fall

This following weeks we want to tell you a story of each color of the season. 

The story of colors, fall 2013 
portray an opulent and sensuel season.

The colors return the senses to the heart 
and elevate the role of feelings.

They convey the energy of emotion 
through colours concentrated deep inside fabrics, 
in engorged pigments, in mysterious shadows, in bittersweets.

They tell of fabrics with a sensual perception, 
with a fullness in weights and behaviours, 
with an enrobing or protective thickness, 
with a full-bodied fluidity,
with an ultra-supple stretch, 
with a daring fantasy.

They proclaim the freedom to mix fabrics, decorations, 
cuts and styles to bring together quality and no-limits, 
sports and elegance, the exceptional and the everyday 
together in the silhouette.

Fall 2013 tells fashion stories of feelings.

First color out is OLIVE GREEN

Gestus Trench Coat kr. 2199

Its getting cold, and we all want to find a cool warm coat for the season. I have fallen for this Gestuz bi-colored military olive-green trench coat. Its the perfect trench coat for daily wear, but also for a night out. Its a classic heritage in color, and blends in with the color of the fall. Its trendy and fashionable with its bi-colored faux leather raglan sleeves.

(Did you know that the name of theese type of raglan sleeves came from the military, a man called James Henry Somerset, the first Baron from a town called Raglan, wearing this style of coat after the loss of his arm in the Battle of Waterloo in the 1800). 

Click here on Elle, and you can find out more about the military coats

Here are a few other trend links where others are inspired by the military and hunting theme: