torsdag 25. oktober 2012

The story of red

is the color associated with 
danger, sacrifice, passion, love, anger, socialism and communism, and in many cultures with 

The word red, comes from old English, and is traced back to Sanskrit, Ancient Mesopotamia and Inuit (the language of Eskimos), it means blood. Even in the old Slavic Russian language, red means beauty and excellence. 

Writing about red, it indulges me to wish for a glass of redwine. It also makes me think of love, christmas, kissing, the red carpet, war, and shiny ruby red stones for a beautiful ring. Red lips.. Like Tailor Swift,Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Greene, Marilyn Monroe, Megan Fox or Jessica Biel 

Today we will seduce you with trends in 
this strong color we all reveals feelings with 

Trend color this season is the dark red, wine, maroon, bordeaux, rust, alizarin crimson or you can also call it ox blood 

Lindsay Lohan always have a pair of Genetic Denims, 
here in rust red cigarettes
Burgundy with houndstooths weave Genetic denims
British red verdugo weave Genetic Denims

The Ox Blood trend:

Cala & Jade kr 1302 
perfect fit for Ipad, visa card, a pen and keys!

Cala & Jade has a lot of nice bags in variations of deep dark reds. I totally love this Ipad bag though!

If you want to check out another red accessory trend, see Alexander Wang's Burgundy Marti back pack.

There is also a more energic red

and these lovely Rutzou pieces